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Why Lomellina?

Has time stopped here? That is the question we're usually asked by visitors to our warehouse, who aren't familiar with the area, having followed GPS directions without really caring for our location. When you enter Lomellina, the landscape suddenly changes; factories and industrial districts disappear and you're only surrounded by vast rice fields and poplar woods. Traffic simply vanishes and all you can meet are herons and sporadic tractors. If you were expecting an enterprise like many others, in a featureless factory, you'll certainly remain surprised seeing our old iron gate, a house from the early years of the 20th century and the buildings of an ancient silk workshop, witnesses of a gone-by rural economy.

In this stunning part of the world, framed by the Po and Ticino rivers, at a few minutes from industrious towns like Pavia, Tortona, Alessandria, Valenza and Vigevano (to say nothing of Milan or Novara), modern life has never arrived. Many villages still maintain medieval castles as their center and country churches which in the past offered shelter from rain showers remain intact.

Touring these roads on a DS or a 2CV is an exciting experience, allowing you to rediscover the pleasures of a relaxing outing before ending up at table in one of the many trattorias of the region, which offer the best dishes of lombard gastronomy.



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